The Process

We work 24×7 to fulfill our promise!

Next Level Keyz makes sure to fulfill its claim of improving your credit! We work in a 40 days cycle, at the end of which you receive 3 credit reports at your home. These reports would show you which questionable negative items have been removed from your credit report so far. You can then check your progress report update after you simply fax, email, or upload your reports into client portal or mail them to us.

We have a simple 3 step process:

BEGIN: It all starts with a free consultation and a sign up, after which our professionals, specifically dedicated for you, would analyze your entire credit report for any errors that could be disputed. We will utilize the laws for consumer protection to dispute all three credit bureaus to make your report as accurate as it can be.

BUILD: We will not only help you get your credit report error-free, but will also help you build new credit points through our financial plan. Every month of positive history would help your score grow even better. Also, you’ll be able to access your personal dashboard 24×7 to track your real-time progress and results.

BLOOM: On average, it takes 6 months for the entire process to complete, but depending on each case, the time frame can be shorter or longer. Our experts would keep an eye on your progress throughout, to make sure to address any additional issues that arise, and to file additional disputes whenever needed.

We assure to make you Empowered, Confident, and In Control of your Credit.


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